We are reshaping the digital gift card industry

YAY Moments is a global provider of digital gift card expertise and technology
Our mission is to help people appreciate each other, build relationships and strengthen friendships. Heartfelt appreciation lifts people up, makes them feel valuable, and enables them to be their best selves.

Our values


We want to help people nurture genuine, authentic and personal relationships.
As a company, we strive for authenticity in our relationship with customers and employees.


We design our products to be simple and easy to understand, with no hidden gotchas.
We make product decisions with the best interest of our users at heart.


Our goal is to leave the planet better than we found it.
We don’t offer any physical products — they just end up as waste.


  • Dec 16, 2019
    YAY Moments goes live
    The very first version of the platform is launched
  • Jun, 2020
    YAY Moments launches the Travel Gift app
    A free gift issued for all Icelandic citizens. The donation was part of the effort to support Icelandic tourism following a coronavirus pandemic.
  • Jun, 2020
    YAY Moments onboards 1,100 merchants in days
  • Sep, 2020
    80% adoption in Iceland
    80% of all Icelanders are using YAY Moments
  • Mar, 2021
    YAY Moments is the first Icelandic company to join Mastercard Lighthouse
    Leading partnership platform in the Nordics & Baltics
  • Nov, 2021
    Workplace integration launched
    Receive gifts directly in Workplace from Meta
  • Oct, 2022
    YAY Moments franchise launches in Ireland
    In partnership with YAY Europe, YAY Moments launches in Ireland
  • Nov, 2022
    YAY Moments launches to 40 mil. Canadians
    In partnership with Everyday People Financial Corp, YAY Moments launches in Canada

Leadership team

Ari Steinarsson
CEO & Co-founder
Ragnar Árnason
CCO & Co-founder
Erling Gudjohnsen
CTO & Co-founder
Sigríður Inga Svarfdal


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